FIFA 08 Patch Season 12-13

FIFA 08 Patch Season 12-13 
Created by:  thehbk and ngoctiencd. 

 The following are new features in this version: - 
Update transfer of 5 tournaments leading & one of the other big teams to dated 1-9-2012 
- Add some new club Anzhi, Zenit,Chinese Shanghai 
- Add UEFA Euro 2012 tournament with new features such as: 
+ Update double full of 16 teams participating in the tournament 
+ new Balls: Tango 12 
+ Kits & minikit full 16 teams 
- Updated 1 squad some other recruitment QG as: Brazil, Japan, ... 
- all-new gameplay features: 
+ Improved player movement 
+ Goalkeepers faster response 
+ Improved fighting situations 1 on 1 
+ The ball shot now become more realistic. Ball well & power good shot will be able to make one great product! + The phase dribbling technique also improved DC + speed, the skill of the players also significantly affect the shot ball

 + CPU will hold advantage when you take the ball & counter-attack effectively compensates + whole new ball physics (heavy ball, bouncing higher, ..)
+ CPU will be more efficient cotton floss & 
+ Improved difficult for game 
+ Gameplay smoother & faster
+ passing situations & thrown off the improved DC
+ CPU striker becomes dangerous & more effective in the definite phase ...
- New Home - New Logo - Kits & new minikits 
- Faces & new minifaces 
- Add some new songs: What makes you beautiful, One Thing, New Divide, Payphone, etc.
- Added grass 3d effects (just the effect light, k Where it 
- Fans will flag waving in the stands like in real life 
- Add 1 new stadiums & remove some errors in the previous field
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